Work Smarter: Can Tecscan SMART SOLUTIONS Solve Your Print Problems?

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Die cut labels for alcoholic beverages can benefit from Tecscan’s powerful smart camera inspection systems


 Tecscan has combined innovative smart camera technology with extensive experience in providing solutions to inspection problems in the print industry, in order to deliver a high-tech, forward thinking range of Smart Solutions.

Here are some examples of real world solutions already installed and working using Tecscan’s Smart Solutions.

The problem:

Measuring the die-cut to print registration on labels.

The solution:

  • Tecscan provides a camera that accurately measures any deviation of registration between the print and die cut in both the X and Y directions.
  • Any deviation outside of the acceptable pre-set parameters will activate an alarm, stop the machine or operate a tagger.
  • The high speed camera system can inspect labels at speeds of up to 40 per second.
  • Out of compliance readings and their associated images are stored for further examination.
  • A key operator is trained to program new jobs and save the data in a storage file.
  • When a job is reprinted the operator can recall the relevant data to give a quick and easy make ready.
  • The system is comprised of a control box, a camera, traverse mount, synchronisation sensor, PC and touch screen monitor.

The problem:

Monitoring the slitter.

The solution:

  • Tecscan provides a system to continuously monitor the position of the cut edge of the substrate relative to the position of the print.
  • The operator is given a continuous live view of the cut edge to print registration.
  • The system will trigger an alarm if the distance moves outside the pre-set limits, drawing the attention of the operator. The alarm signal can also be used for other purposes such as a tagger or UV spray system.
  • Measurements are recorded and kept for quality control purposes.
  • The operator interface is simple and clear, making full use of the technology without taking the operator’s attention from the job in hand.

The problem:

Checking the integrity of a holographic stamped label on pre-printed substrates.

The solution:

  • Tecscan has designed a system to examine the application of a holographic security stamp on security documents and tickets.
  • The system checks each application of stamp, ensuring that it is a) present, b) complete and not broken, and c) in the correct place.
  • The system will output an alarm in the form of an audio siren and light beacon when the system detects an out of compliance reading.
  • Multiple cameras are used covering 100% of the whole web.
  • The system is user friendly, with easy set up and clear and simple operation.

If you have any of these problems or require an inspection solution for your press, call us now on (+44) (0) 1443 821 552 or email to find out how Tecscan Smart Solutions can help you.


Tecscan and Futec finalise partnership at Labelexpo

Futec partners with Tecscan for UK and Ireland expansion
Managing Director of Futec Europe, Takashi Yoshida, finalising the agreement with Paul Lear, Tecscan Technical Sales Manager

Tecscan has signed a trade partnership with Futec at Labelexpo Europe after previous negotiations. The partnership will allow Tecscan to integrate its web inspection systems into Futec’s product portfolio, while acting to provide customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe with greater access to Futec’s high-end 100% inspection systems.

Together, the two inspection specialists can serve a broad market in the labels, packaging and security industries, among others.

Tecscan MD, Mac Lear, says of Futec: “Futec is a very technically advanced company compared to competitors, and the level of technology at Futec has always been very impressive, since the company first entered the web inspection market.

“At Tecscan we also strive to be technically advanced, but position ourselves differently, which provides the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Silvio Neumann, Sales Manager at Futec, comments that internal opinion on the relationship is highly positive, and the collaboration will lead to profitable business for both companies in the future. Speaking at Labelexpo, Mr Neumann said: “Our agreement with Tecscan Electronics demonstrates the continued implementation of Futec’s business expansion strategy…Our aim is to ensure our clients benefit from a powerful combination of Japanese technical expertise and outstanding European customer service.”

Read more about Tecscan and Futec at and

Tecscan inspection systems contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions at SPECIFIC

Measuring a unique press before creating a bespoke inspection system for printed solar panels

Based in Baglan, Port Talbot, SPECIFIC is a research consortium composed of Swansea University, Tata Steel and various partners. Dedicated to the research and development of technology that allows buildings to generate and store their own energy using solar power, SPECIFIC is aiming to provide solar panels suitable for the northern hemisphere, working on increasing their efficiency and reducing costs for sustainable energy generation in the future.

The solar panels are created via printing; Dr Eifion Jewell of Swansea University, a Senior Technology Transfer Fellow at SPECIFIC, worked with Tecscan, experts in niche substrate inspection, to find an inspection solution for this uncommon printed product. Dr Jewell has many years of experience in developing innovative uses of printing technology, including flexible electronics.

“Tecscan systems contribute to lessened environmental impact through reduction of waste materials”

Tecscan provided camera systems for accurate and clear inspection of the substrate from multiple angles, allowing operators to monitor the solar panels as they printed and ensure they met exacting specifications. Plans are also in place to install Tecscan’s Web Ranger systems in future for accurate and controlled measurement during printing.

Tecscan systems contribute to lessened environmental impact through reduction of waste materials, but they are now also contributing to the development of emerging printed technologies that may have a large impact on future energy generation.

For further information on how Tecscan inspection and length measurement systems can provide solutions for niche substrate printing, call (+44) (0) 1443 821 552 or email Follow Tecscan on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news in print inspection.

ColorAd Canada installs first Tecscan Inspection System to Monitor Cold Seal

Award-winning inspection system allows monitoring of cold seal registration at full production speed

Leading flexible packaging supplier ColorAd has installed a Tecscan Cold Seal Inspection System on their Nordmeccanica laminator. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, ColorAd is the largest producer of pre-formed laminated bags in North America, serving the confectionary and snack food markets.

ColorAd’s production manager, Rahul Thackar, approached Tecscan for their unique expertise on cold seal inspection, as the company required accurate monitoring of cold seal on clear, white and metalized plastic substrates.

Winner of a FlexoTech Environmental Innovation Award, Tecscan’s Cold Seal Inspection System provides a unique solution to a niche area of the packaging industry. It uses specialised lighting and a high resolution camera to produce a transparent effect onscreen, showing both cold seal and print and allowing the operator to monitor the registration at full production speed.

“…the advantages of Tecscan’s Cold Seal Inspection System are already apparent: less waste, better use of the skills of the operators, improved consistency and repeatability”

Tecscan engineers consulted at length with Mr. Thackar and his associates to provide the optimal solution for ColorAd’s Triplex Combi Horizontal model, and flew out to install the system and provide training at the Winnipeg facility.

Mr. Thackar commented that the advantages of Tecscan’s Cold Seal Inspection System are already apparent: less waste, better use of the skills of the operators, improved consistency and repeatability.

For further information on Tecscan’s solutions for cold seal and niche substrates, call (+44) (0)1443 821 552, or send an email enquiry to

Malmesbury Labels installs Series 4 CS1 after impressive trial

Improved colours and increased productivity with Tecscan system, says MD

Cirencester-based flexo printers Malmesbury Labels have installed a Series 4 CS1 video web inspection system on their Mark Andy press. The company is a self-adhesive label specialist using flexo and digital presses, producing labels for a variety of markets including food and beverages.

The label printing firm had not previously used a Tecscan system, but approached the company with requirements for viewing a 7” web width. After discussion with Tecscan’s sales department and engineers, it was decided that a Series 4 CS1 would be the most cost-effective solution.

“We approached Tecscan for advice on a web inspection unit for our flexo press,” said managing director Howard Burr. “I was extremely happy with the way our enquiry was handled and that customer service understood our requirement.”

“Tecscan offers demonstrations and trial periods to allow customers to see how an inspection system can improve their production process”

The CS1 is a low-cost video web inspection system, drawing on Tecscan’s 30 year history of designing and developing durable, high performance inspection systems to deliver true colour and clear, crisp images. Tecscan offers demonstrations and trial periods to allow customers to see how an inspection system can improve their production process, and this factored heavily into Malmesbury Labels’ decision to purchase.

“The system was specified and trialled before we committed to purchase, something we required as this was a new addition, not a replacement,” Mr Burr continued, adding that “since fitting, we have seen increased productivity, better colour reproduction due to faster web speeds and improved quality.”

In addition to meeting the label producer’s inspection needs, the MD cited efficient and understanding service from Tecscan as a factor in their satisfaction. Mr Burr commented that Malmesbury Labels are “extremely happy with the CS1 web inspection device.”

The CS1 is part of Tecscan’s basic web inspection range and is a highly effective low-cost option for many flexo printers. To enquire, contact the sales team on (+44) (0)1443 821 552 or, or read more at

Merry Christmas from Tecscan- We’re Moving

Despite the busy holiday season, Tecscan has been in the process of moving premises for some months, and the move is almost ready to be finalised. We will still be using the current head office in the interim, but January will be spent moving all operations to the new facility. We would like to ask our clients to update their records to reflect our new address, which remains in the St David’s Industrial Estate in Pengam, South Wales:

Units 1/2, St David’s Industrial Estate

Pengam, Blackwood


NP12 3SW

Wales, UK

Our telephone number remains (+44) (0)1443 821552, and we will be reachable by email at Our Christmas closing period will last from 23rd of December to 2nd January.

We would like to sincerely thank our clients, suppliers and employees for their support and great work throughout 2014, and look forward to a successful 2015.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Tecscan!

Smart Solutions from Tecscan

Smart Cameras Bring Tecscan’s Bespoke Inspection Systems to Digital Print

TECSCAN has developed a range of smart camera solutions for print inspection, with several bespoke systems already installed to highly positive response at large UK printing firms.

Tecscan has almost 30 years of experience with the complex illumination and optical measures required for inspecting print on difficult and niche substrates- including holograms, clear and metallic substrates, and cold seal. The expertise we have cultivated has helped us supply over 8000 print inspection solutions worldwide, and now we are able to offer the same quality control advantages to a wider range of print products.

The introduction of the smart camera opens a world of possibilities for Tecscan’s bespoke systems. The smart camera is an advanced and powerful machine vision system; self-contained, intelligent and compact. It is programmed by Tecscan specifically for each individual purpose- including inspecting for defects or measurement in difficult substrates like holograms and metallics, but also reading codes and sequential numbers, an application useful for digital print.

Tecscan provides an excellent range of passive inspection systems, but for those situations where 100% inspection is required, the Smart Solutions range is capable of such thorough inspection at high speeds. Tecscan Smart Solutions can be developed for flexo, litho, gravure and digital print.

Print inspection is only the beginning for this technology, and Tecscan has plans for further research and development into a variety of machine vision inspection solutions that make the best use of our creative engineers’ skills.

For further information on our Smart Solutions range, call us now on +44 (0)1443 821552 or email us at to speak with our experienced engineers.

Cut the Waste at Rework: TECSCAN REWORK SYSTEM

New Tecscan System Inspects Labels at Rework Stage to Detect Defects; Efficiently Cuts Waste for Improved Quality


TECSCAN has launched its latest high-speed video inspection system after successful installations with large UK labelling firms. The REWORK SYSTEM has received extremely positive reactions from operators, who cite greatly improved control over the quality of their end product.

The Tecscan Rework System can be used at the rework stage of label production. The high-resolution video monitor displays information to the operator, clearly displaying print defects and allowing accurate control over the rework process.

Quality control at rework must be stringent to prevent defective products reaching the end customer. Many possible defects can affect the quality of labels, including registration errors, print defects, die cut registration errors and missing colour. The Tecscan Rework System is a tool that allows operators to make intelligent and efficient quality control decisions.

Unlike basic stroboscope inspection, the Tecscan Rework System can be comfortably used at low speed without presenting health and safety issues.

If your quality control system stops at the rework stage, the possibility of out of specification product reaching the customer is increased. Contact Tecscan today on (+44) (0)1433 821552 or at to speak with our experienced engineers, and learn how the Rework System can give you unparalleled control of the rework process.

Leading the Cold Seal Revolution

This year, Tecscan has seen great success with the Cold Seal Inspection System. Demand has increased significantly, and we have heard some fantastic feedback from our clients. In particular, a prestigious UK-based group has recently placed their third repeat order, with an additional two presses waiting to be fitted with the system. Our client’s technical manager remarked that he had “never fitted a new piece of equipment that had had such a positive response from the operators”. We believe that such high praise from our clients is inspired by the clear results we promise, and deliver: production waste will be reduced, quality will be assured, and costs will go down.

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Tecscan Solves Tricky Inspection Problem at Skanem With CS1 System

Tecscan specialises in solving problems that no one else can. It seems as though our engineers are called to do just that at least once a week- and the latest successful niche solution we’ve provided has been at Skanem’s Cardiff branch. Skanem is a globally successful self-adhesive label provider, with whom we have had the pleasure of working on multiple occasions.

Skanem’s client required multi-layered labels; to provide exceptional print inspection for these labels, Tecscan’s system needed to be able to allow operators to clearly see through five layers of print.

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