Tecscan Solves Tricky Inspection Problem at Skanem With CS1 System

Tecscan specialises in solving problems that no one else can. It seems as though our engineers are called to do just that at least once a week- and the latest successful niche solution we’ve provided has been at Skanem’s Cardiff branch. Skanem is a globally successful self-adhesive label provider, with whom we have had the pleasure of working on multiple occasions.

Skanem’s client required multi-layered labels; to provide exceptional print inspection for these labels, Tecscan’s system needed to be able to allow operators to clearly see through five layers of print.

Tecscan’s CS1 system had to be modified to see a wide area in a short space to make sure all five layers were in line. ‘It was a tricky install, and it took some thought to work out the optics in the given space,’ says Paul Lear, Technical Sales Manager at Tecscan. ‘However, we pulled it off successfully, and we’re pleased to say we’ve delivered another satisfying solution to Skanem Cardiff.’

Based in Pengam, Blackwood, Tecscan welcomes enquiries from local and small businesses that have specific requirements, and we endeavour to provide cost-effective print inspection solutions. No problem is too unique for our team, so get in touch using our Contact page today.

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