Tecscan’s New Website Set to Launch in November 2014

The team at Tecscan are always carrying out research and development to enable the continued success of our products, but one of Tecscan’s latest projects has been another kind of development- the creation of a new website to replace the functional but outdated site previously in use. The new website is usable, but still considered in-progress, with a full launch projected for November this year.

The change came about due to a promising partnership made with the Business School at the University of South Wales’s Faculty of Business and Society. Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy, Dan Taylor, was approached to offer advice and strategic direction for the company, particularly in the area of marketing. The assistance offered by Dan and his associates has been extremely helpful in allowing Tecscan to focus its efforts on website development, social media presence and other marketing projects.

The partnership was made possible by the Strategic Insight Programme, which aims to create productive partnerships between universities and businesses.

Tecscan’s directors are very pleased with the progress of the new website and we intend to invite clients to use it in the coming weeks. We hope that the website will be functional and informative, and we welcome feedback from clients; please send any queries or comments to sales@tecscan.co.uk.

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