Leading the Cold Seal Revolution

This year, Tecscan has seen great success with the Cold Seal Inspection System. Demand has increased significantly, and we have heard some fantastic feedback from our clients. In particular, a prestigious UK-based group has recently placed their third repeat order, with an additional two presses waiting to be fitted with the system. Our client’s technical manager remarked that he had “never fitted a new piece of equipment that had had such a positive response from the operators”. We believe that such high praise from our clients is inspired by the clear results we promise, and deliver: production waste will be reduced, quality will be assured, and costs will go down.

As our clients are certainly aware, the consequences of faults in printed packaging using cold seal can be catastrophic. Any food item that has not been correctly enclosed in its wrapper can cause total disruption to the end customer’s production line. Needless to say, this can be a disastrous result for the printer responsible, leading the customer to demand not only a refund, but also compensation for the time and products lost. Critically, for the print industry where quality is everything, this can have a devastating effect on a printer’s reputation.

But with the Tecscan Cold Seal Inspection System, this result can be avoided entirely. The system is optimised to view any substrate– including white, metallised, and those using reflective inks– with minimal set-up required by the operator. The system views the registration of cold seal to print in real time, and ensures the operator has optimum information on the print run; the operator is then able to correct problems only when they arise, with minimal disruption to the run.

The system has also found a use among our clients as a first class marketing tool, allowing them to show their customers a concrete commitment to quality- which also offers potential new customers assurance that the printer is investing in leading quality control technology. The return on investment time for Tecscan’s systems is very short, and we offer extensive guarantees and after sales support, ensuring our clients’ confidence in the long-term performance of our systems.

Just as you strive to inspire trust in your clients, we strive to inspire your trust in us. For further information on our Cold Seal Inspection System, or to get a quote today, call our dedicated sales team on (+44) (0)1443 821 552 or email us at sales@tecscan.co.uk. We promise a quick response and a competitive price.

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