Cut the Waste at Rework: TECSCAN REWORK SYSTEM

New Tecscan System Inspects Labels at Rework Stage to Detect Defects; Efficiently Cuts Waste for Improved Quality


TECSCAN has launched its latest high-speed video inspection system after successful installations with large UK labelling firms. The REWORK SYSTEM has received extremely positive reactions from operators, who cite greatly improved control over the quality of their end product.

The Tecscan Rework System can be used at the rework stage of label production. The high-resolution video monitor displays information to the operator, clearly displaying print defects and allowing accurate control over the rework process.

Quality control at rework must be stringent to prevent defective products reaching the end customer. Many possible defects can affect the quality of labels, including registration errors, print defects, die cut registration errors and missing colour. The Tecscan Rework System is a tool that allows operators to make intelligent and efficient quality control decisions.

Unlike basic stroboscope inspection, the Tecscan Rework System can be comfortably used at low speed without presenting health and safety issues.

If your quality control system stops at the rework stage, the possibility of out of specification product reaching the customer is increased. Contact Tecscan today on (+44) (0)1433 821552 or at to speak with our experienced engineers, and learn how the Rework System can give you unparalleled control of the rework process.

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