Smart Solutions from Tecscan

Smart Cameras Bring Tecscan’s Bespoke Inspection Systems to Digital Print

TECSCAN has developed a range of smart camera solutions for print inspection, with several bespoke systems already installed to highly positive response at large UK printing firms.

Tecscan has almost 30 years of experience with the complex illumination and optical measures required for inspecting print on difficult and niche substrates- including holograms, clear and metallic substrates, and cold seal. The expertise we have cultivated has helped us supply over 8000 print inspection solutions worldwide, and now we are able to offer the same quality control advantages to a wider range of print products.

The introduction of the smart camera opens a world of possibilities for Tecscan’s bespoke systems. The smart camera is an advanced and powerful machine vision system; self-contained, intelligent and compact. It is programmed by Tecscan specifically for each individual purpose- including inspecting for defects or measurement in difficult substrates like holograms and metallics, but also reading codes and sequential numbers, an application useful for digital print.

Tecscan provides an excellent range of passive inspection systems, but for those situations where 100% inspection is required, the Smart Solutions range is capable of such thorough inspection at high speeds. Tecscan Smart Solutions can be developed for flexo, litho, gravure and digital print.

Print inspection is only the beginning for this technology, and Tecscan has plans for further research and development into a variety of machine vision inspection solutions that make the best use of our creative engineers’ skills.

For further information on our Smart Solutions range, call us now on +44 (0)1443 821552 or email us at to speak with our experienced engineers.

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