Tecscan inspection systems contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions at SPECIFIC

Measuring a unique press before creating a bespoke inspection system for printed solar panels

Based in Baglan, Port Talbot, SPECIFIC is a research consortium composed of Swansea University, Tata Steel and various partners. Dedicated to the research and development of technology that allows buildings to generate and store their own energy using solar power, SPECIFIC is aiming to provide solar panels suitable for the northern hemisphere, working on increasing their efficiency and reducing costs for sustainable energy generation in the future.

The solar panels are created via printing; Dr Eifion Jewell of Swansea University, a Senior Technology Transfer Fellow at SPECIFIC, worked with Tecscan, experts in niche substrate inspection, to find an inspection solution for this uncommon printed product. Dr Jewell has many years of experience in developing innovative uses of printing technology, including flexible electronics.

“Tecscan systems contribute to lessened environmental impact through reduction of waste materials”

Tecscan provided camera systems for accurate and clear inspection of the substrate from multiple angles, allowing operators to monitor the solar panels as they printed and ensure they met exacting specifications. Plans are also in place to install Tecscan’s Web Ranger systems in future for accurate and controlled measurement during printing.

Tecscan systems contribute to lessened environmental impact through reduction of waste materials, but they are now also contributing to the development of emerging printed technologies that may have a large impact on future energy generation.

For further information on how Tecscan inspection and length measurement systems can provide solutions for niche substrate printing, call (+44) (0) 1443 821 552 or email sales@tecscan.co.uk. Follow Tecscan on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news in print inspection.

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