Work Smarter: Can Tecscan SMART SOLUTIONS Solve Your Print Problems?

bottle-522480_1280 (1)
Die cut labels for alcoholic beverages can benefit from Tecscan’s powerful smart camera inspection systems


 Tecscan has combined innovative smart camera technology with extensive experience in providing solutions to inspection problems in the print industry, in order to deliver a high-tech, forward thinking range of Smart Solutions.

Here are some examples of real world solutions already installed and working using Tecscan’s Smart Solutions.

The problem:

Measuring the die-cut to print registration on labels.

The solution:

  • Tecscan provides a camera that accurately measures any deviation of registration between the print and die cut in both the X and Y directions.
  • Any deviation outside of the acceptable pre-set parameters will activate an alarm, stop the machine or operate a tagger.
  • The high speed camera system can inspect labels at speeds of up to 40 per second.
  • Out of compliance readings and their associated images are stored for further examination.
  • A key operator is trained to program new jobs and save the data in a storage file.
  • When a job is reprinted the operator can recall the relevant data to give a quick and easy make ready.
  • The system is comprised of a control box, a camera, traverse mount, synchronisation sensor, PC and touch screen monitor.

The problem:

Monitoring the slitter.

The solution:

  • Tecscan provides a system to continuously monitor the position of the cut edge of the substrate relative to the position of the print.
  • The operator is given a continuous live view of the cut edge to print registration.
  • The system will trigger an alarm if the distance moves outside the pre-set limits, drawing the attention of the operator. The alarm signal can also be used for other purposes such as a tagger or UV spray system.
  • Measurements are recorded and kept for quality control purposes.
  • The operator interface is simple and clear, making full use of the technology without taking the operator’s attention from the job in hand.

The problem:

Checking the integrity of a holographic stamped label on pre-printed substrates.

The solution:

  • Tecscan has designed a system to examine the application of a holographic security stamp on security documents and tickets.
  • The system checks each application of stamp, ensuring that it is a) present, b) complete and not broken, and c) in the correct place.
  • The system will output an alarm in the form of an audio siren and light beacon when the system detects an out of compliance reading.
  • Multiple cameras are used covering 100% of the whole web.
  • The system is user friendly, with easy set up and clear and simple operation.

If you have any of these problems or require an inspection solution for your press, call us now on (+44) (0) 1443 821 552 or email to find out how Tecscan Smart Solutions can help you.


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